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  • Congratulations to Joe and Reba Matern of Storybook Alpacas for First Place in the Skein Competition at the OABA Alpacafest 2008.

MSF Yarn wins first place at Ohio Alpacafest 2008

  • Congratulations to Julie Horn of HoBo's Alpaca Farm in winning first place in the skein competition at the OABA Alpacafest 2009.

MSF Yarn wins first place at Ohio Alpacafest 2009

  • The "Never Felt Like This Before" class on Oct. 24 was a big success.

Felted Purse Class

MSF yarn wins first at World Alpaca Conference

  • Congratulations to Stephanie Larson of Welshfield Alpacas, whose MSF spun yarn won First place in the skein competition as well as Judges choice at the MOPACA Invitational Alpaca Show.

Morning Star Fiber Award Winning Skein of Yarn

Weaving with rug yarn on an Ashford rigid heddle loom

  • Jan Cox gives personal instruction on warping and Brenda Ward of Cupola Alpacas continues weaving during our recent Rigid Heddle Loom class.

Rigid Heddle Warping

Rigid Heddle Weaving

Morning Star Fiber yarn wins first place in skein competition


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