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Knowledgebase for the Fiber Community

In keeping with wanting this community area to be a source of information for our fiber processing customers and other visitors, we are compiling these documents for your use. We cannot vouch for their accuracy nor do we necessarily agree with all of the views expressed. We simply provide them for you to intelligently assess.

Here's a list of fiber definitions that you may find useful that was developed by Judith Korff of LadySong Farm.

Here's a history of Alpacas compiled by Alisa Mierzejewski of Burgis Brook Alpacas.

One of the most comprehensive sources of information is in this Alpaca Library compiled by Mike Safley of Northwest Alpacas.

Here's an interesting newspaper article entitled the "GoldenFleece" from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Here's an article from Farm and Dairy entitled Alpacas and llamas finally get livestock status, funding opportunity in Ohio.

Ohio House Bill 352 giving Llamas and Alpacas livestock status.

This Fibre Harvesting Code of Practice from Alpaca Canada is an excellent tool for use.

If you have any other information that would be beneficial to our customers, please contact our webmaster for inclusion in this fiber knowledgebase.

Contact the webmaster with questions or comments about this web site.

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