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Alpaca Fiber Processing at Morning Star Fiber Mill

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Custom fiber processing is needed in southwestern North Carolina. To this end, Morning Star Fiber opened for business on Jan. 24, 2005 to perform Alpaca fiber processing as well as other exotic fibers. Our fiber mill seeks to provide value added services to animal growers and others in the fiber community. MSF is one of the nation's leading processors of exotic animal fiber such as Llama, Alpaca, Icelandic, and others. These fibers, with their many color variations, can benefit from our custom fiber processing. MSF has risen to become one of the leading mills in the country whose yarns have won numerous spinning awards. This website is also a valuable source of information on other fiber-related topics. We hope you will consider us when you process your next fleeces.

Custom Fiber Processing

We offer all the custom fiber and wool fleece processing capabilities that a fiber processor should; including washing (scouring), picking, dehairing, carding, drafting, spinning, plying, felting, as well as other custom services. Our use of modern small batch equipment allows us to efficiently process individual fleeces. This follows along with our desire to specialize in Icelandic, Alpaca and Llama fiber processing whose variety of fleece colors would be lost when lumped together and handled with large older technology machines. During the fiber washing process, we remove dirt, grease and suint from the fleece. In fiber picking, dense clumps of fiber are opened up and separated. As an Alpaca fiber processor, Icelandic fiber processor, and Llama fiber processor, we offer fiber dehairing which separates coarse and fine fiber. Fiber carding aligns individual fibers into sliver in preparation for spinning or into batts in preparation for felting. Fiber drafting further aligns the sliver before spinning into yarn. Fiber plying combines multiple spun strands to form a stronger yarn. Fiber spinning can generate yarn supplied in fulled skeins or wound on cones. If desired, fiber blending with silk, metallics, mohair, or other fibers can be used to produce novelty yarns. Fiber felting utilizes fiber batts to form a cloth-like consistency fabric. We also offer intermediate forms of fiber such as roving - loose or in bumps. Contact our fiber mill for your needs in Alpaca fiber processing or Icelandic wool fiber processing or Llama fiber processing.

Alpaca Icelandic Llama Custom Fiber Processing Mill

Here's our new location for the mill and someday a retail store for the products we make during fiber processing at our North Carolina fiber mill.

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